Restaurants Depend On Mouth-Watering Food Photography

Get your customers in the door with professional food photography!

Quality photography is important to your business. It makes your entrées look like you can take a bite out of them right on the menu, screen, or rotating slide show you might run in your eatery. You may have seen my work in the “Local Flavor” section of Prince William Living magazine.

These photographs are tools for your business, not just pretty pictures. It’s important to have beauty shots of your items and not just a simple image. You need photos of the interior atmosphere, exterior eating areas, and even a shot from the front of the building for location identification. There are other shots as well.

Have I wet your whistle? Feast your eyes on the images below. CLICK ANY IMAGE TO FILL YOUR SCREEN WITH FOOD.

Your food photography has to look like you can touch it!

You are as discerning about your photography as you are the ingredients that go into preparing a great meal—a great dining experience. You won’t settle for just simple photos of a plate of grub. It doesn’t do your chef any justice, nor your restaurants’ presentation. You want your chef to make your food look as good as possible and then you want a photographer who knows how to light food to make it jump off the screen with mouth-watering appeal!

You’ve just met the right food photography photographer.

Now go ahead and drool over the shrimp cocktail below before looking at more food porn below it. Please, go ahead, I’ll wait. 

Your food will drive customers into your restaurant when it looks its best!

Your chef makes it look its best, I light it masterfully and process the images to make the colors pop, just like a painter paints on canvas. It’s an art that calls upon the teamwork of your staff, your chef, and my work—we all help craft your image together.

MARK GILVEY CREATIVE…Because great food photography feeds your clients, and your staff!

Why should you work with a professional commercial photographer?

When you invest in professional photography, your clients and customers will invest in you!

Mark Gilvey is a professional commercial product, real estate, and corporate event photographer in Woodbridge, VA.

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