In November 2021, I was interviewed on Street Photography Magazine’s Podcast

I spent over an hour talking it up with the editor and publisher of Street Photography Magazine; Bob Patterson. It was a wonderful time, and I was finally glad to meet Bob in person. But that was another story. I was interviewed due to a photography contest I won, that was held in September. The Fredericksburg Street Photography Collective held its first annual photography shoot-off. Contestants had three hours to take photos in the Fredericksburg area and enter them straight out of the camera. No post-processing was permitted. There were probably 30 photographers in all, each had their camera of choice, I brought my point-n-shoot.

The podcast talks about the event and more.


The photo above shows the judges for the Fredericksburg Street Photography Collective Left: Jeromie Stephens, Center: Bob Patterson, and Right: Marci Lindsay. To the right of Marci is my buddy Marcus Wilson who came down from Woodbridge with me.

The Podcast

Please listen to the SPM Season 5 Podcast here.


I I wanted to give you a teaser on this site by taking you to the podcast, but I have written at length about the days’ event on my fine art photography website; mgfineartphoto.com in the News section.

There is something there for street photographers and collectors of street photography. Please enjoy and tell your friends.

What is the difference between street photography and commercial photography?

Street allows me to do what I want, as I see fit. I stop when the image looks right to me, not someone else. One might say that Street Photography is a sub-genre of Lifestyle photography or even Event photography because there are crossover elements of each that help the other out—in other words, knowing how to do Street Photography will help you in other types of photography.

It becomes “commercial” photography when someone wants you to get a specific shot that meets specific criteria. The difference is important to note because while I know, when I’ve got something, commercial pushes forward, deeper to meet a target. So, when someone might say, we just need you to take a few photos; they might overlook all the criteria that need to be met, targeted, and legally acquired. It adds up to more time, and needs to be done/staged properly, with the right models…and then it’s not street photography 😉