A logo gives your business an identity.

Has your business been branded yet? A logo gives it a face, a marque, an attitude  Is your corporate identity ready for a face-lift? You need an identity to brand all your products and services to help build consumer confidence and trust.

Do you know the difference between an illustration, a seal and a logo? A logo can be recognized at any size; in several colors or even just a single color. Seals and illustrations cannot. Part of my design process is to help clients understand the differences so we go down the correct path. Every logo you see below will work in a single color and at any size; from a lapel pin to the side of a building.

To make your logo as versatile as possible, it should:

  • Read clearly on a lapel pin
  • Be identifiable when sandblasted in glass
  • Look good in only one color
  • Be legible when stitched onto a hat or shirt

I take all of these factors into consideration when designing a logo so that it can be used on just about everything.

MARK GILVEY CREATIVE…Because great photography sells your business!

Why hire Mark Gilvey Creative?

Because when you invest in commercial photography, your clients and customers will invest in you.