SEO gives the search engines a peeled-back view of your web pages.Search engines
are blind!

Do you have an awesome website with all kinds of interactivity and cool graphics, but can't understand why your site isn't coming up in the search engines?

It's not enough to just build a beautiful website and expect everyone to find it. Search engines are blind and they don't care how great your site looks. They want clear, concise, and descriptive information about each page so they can present your site as truthfully and accurately as possible when someone performs a search for a keyword phrase that is related to your product or service. Oh, did you think that was all? Keep reading.

Knowing your competition!

You also cannot expect your website to come up high if you don't know the strength of your competitors' web presence. Knowing this will give you an idea of how much work it will take to get into a top spot on a search engine results page (SERP). Are you competing against a heavyweight prize fighter or a rookie for a keyword phrase that you would like your website to be found for?

To help you answer this, I can develop a new website or take an existing website and optimize it. Then, I can help you understand the competition your website is up against so you know what it will take for better search results.


Mark Gilvey is a web designer with a background in Search Engine Optimization.
He is based in the Woodbridge - Manassas area and services Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and beyond.